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Besides Arizona State University, there are other affordable education options Phoenix area students have. Use our search tool to see some of them:

If you haven't committed to one major yet, here are a few suggestions of popular degree programs other Arizona students are enrolling in:

Some people think engineering is one topic and all engineers do the same thing. It isn't so. There are so many different types of engineering -- electrical, mechanical, aerospace, agricultural, bio, civil, environmental, industrial, and the list goes on. Most people can find at least one branch of engineering to be fascinating to them and be happy to study it in college and do it as a profession later. A site such as can show you opportunities to learn more.

Teaching and Education
We're always going to need good teachers. And teaching is still one of the most rewarding professions. One of the most important aspects of teaching as a career is finding the right age group for you to work with. Some people work better with very young students; some work better with near-adults or adults. You can find out more about teaching and education administration.

Criminal Justice
The broad field of criminal justice includes law enforcement personnel at the federal, state and local level, private security positions, legal office positions, correctional facility workers and administration, border patrol officers and more. There are also all different types of education as well, from short diploma or certificate programs all the way up to master's degree programs. Find out more here.

Nursing and Health Care
Nursing is another old profession that never goes out of demand. With our aging population, we will need more and more nursing and health care workers to take care of our growing elderly. Prospective nurses can enroll in a short training program (in which they can, in effect, test the role of nursing out to see if they actually like it) or sign up for a four-year degree. Nursing isn't easy and most nurses must deal with inconvenient work shifts, but that can often pass with seniority. You can learn more about nurse training here.

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